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Blarina shrew has paralytic venom in its saliva.

Investigate diverse natural products that regulate biologically and physiologically intriguing phenomena

Contact Address

Professor Masaki Kita

Laboratory of Chemical Biology of Natural Products

Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, 

Nagoya University 

Furo-cho, Chikusa, Nagoya 464-8601, JAPAN

Tel / Fax : +81-52-789-4284


Nagoya University, Higashiyama Campus

E2(5) Builing B, Room B408


2024.6.1            Lab member was updated.

2024.4.15          Ms. Itakura and Dr. Utomo's paper was

                         accepted in ChemComm

2024.4.1            Assist. Prof. Inoue joined to our lab. 

2024.4.1            Lab member was updated.

2023.10.12        Lab member was updated.

2023.7.18          Mr. Yano and Mr. Fukuoka's paper was

                         accepted in JBC

2023.4.1            Lab member was updated.

2023.2.6            Mr. Hioki and Mr. Ikuma's paper was accepted

                         in EurJOC

2023.1.13          Dr. Utomo's paper was accepted in BCSJ

2022.10.15        Mr. Hioki (D2) won the NU3MT best prize!

2022.4.27          Mr. Didik (D3) received the Student Lecture

                         Award at 102th CSJ Annual Meeting.  

2022.4.1            Mr. Hioki (D2) was adopted by JSPS

                          Research Fellowship (DC2) 

2022.4.1            Assoc. Prof. Tsunematsu joined to our lab. 

2022.4.1            Lab member was updated.

2021.12.16–21   Organizer: PACIFICHEM2021 (Hawaii)

2021.12.1          Mr. Yano (D2) was adopted by THERS

                          IFNG Researcher 

2021.9.18          Mr. Utomo, Ms. Fujieda, and Mr. Tanaka's                                paper was accepted in ChemComm

2021.8.25          Lecture: ICMHS2021 (Indonesia, on-line)

2021.8.18,23     Lecture: ISCMNP2021 (Indonesia, on-line)

2021.7.31          Lecture: 79th AWCS (Indonesia, on-line)

2021.7.1            Dr. Morita moved to NU-MBL.  

2021.6.1            Mr. Hioki (D1) was adopted by Nagoya Univ.

                          Frontier Fellowship 

2021.4.1            Ms. Hirukawa (D1) was adopted by JSPS

                          Research Fellowship (DC1) 

2021.4.1            Lab member & group photo were updated.

2020.10.1          Lab member has been updated.

2020.5.8            Ms. Zhang's paper was accepted in

                         J. Antibiot.  

2020.5.1            Ms. Hirukawa's paper was accepted in TL

2020.4.30          Mr. Arai and Hattori's paper was accepted in ​                          Sci Rep

2020.4.1            Lab member has been updated.

2020.2.1            Dr. Maho Morita joined our group as Assistant ​                         Professor.  

2019.8.7-15       Summer school at ISCMNP2019 (Indonesia)

2019.8.6-7         Lecture: ICICS2019 (Indonesia)

2019.6.21          Lecture: RIKEN symposium (Wako)

2019.4.12          Ms. Zhang's paper was accepted in 
​                         ChemComm

2019.4.2            Lab member has been updated.

2019.3.24-27     Lecture: JSBA (Tokyo)

2019.3.24-27     Plenary Lecture: 6th Yangtze River Delta IS

                          (Nanjing, China)

2018.4.2            Lab member has been updated.

2018.3.26-28     Lecture: Pharm. Soc. Jpn (Kanazawa)

2018.3.15-18     Lecture: JSBA (Nagoya)

2017.11.19-21   Lecture: ISTbM-5 (Nagoya)

2017.10.16        Prof. Anthony. T. Tu (Colorado State U)

                         Special lecture (YouTube)

2017.10.2          Lab members & publication list updated

2017.7.28          Lecture: IRCCS The 1st Young Researchers

                         Forum (Aichi) 

2017.7.7            Lecture: MOE Forum 2017 (Tokyo) 

2017.6.7            Gallery (lab equipments) updated 

2017.4.9            Comment: Nihon Keizai Shinbun (in JP)

2017.4.1            Kita Research Group has launched. 

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